About Tales from Lorianthil

In the year 2013, I made a significant change by moving to central Texas– at least for me it was a big change because I went from glorious snow-capped mountains to the rolling hill country. Having found myself in a completely new world, I turned to writing as an escape from the initial homesickness. My characters often find themselves displaced from the familiar setting they know and plunged into a new reality– just like myself. As I dabbled with my characters on the page, I realized that I could relate to them more than ever before, and from that I found inspiration to write their stories and capture the disillusionment they feel. As I wrote, I began to embrace this beautiful new life in the south and, like my characters, opened myself to wondrous possibility.

It’s really a community effort…

I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my Jessie-bae. He has poured long hours into my writing and likes to spice up all the action/fighting scenes for you guys. I’d also like to mention my avid colleagues, Heather and Courtney, who polish up my material. I’m so grateful for you both!