I Wrote this for You, Nerd (Worldbuilding part II)

Now that I have introduced the world of Lorianthil and its races, I would like to dive into our main story characters.


Perhaps one of the more important pieces of our story, Damien is a man who was raised in darkness. Orphaned as a baby, Damien spent most of his childhood at the mercy of Baldemar. Of course, Baldemar’s only interest was in exploiting Damien’s unusual powers that centered around dark magic.

By the time Damien was twelve, he found an opportunity to break away from Baldemar’s grip. He took a gamble by trusting a young Sorceress by the name of Ashlyn. Eventually, she led him to the woods of Gumber where he would finish growing up quietly and in secret. He was taken in by an elf lord named Kallus who trained him to be a master crafter. As to be expected, Damien found himself surrounded by hundreds of Lor elves who looked down on him for being mortal, but that never stopped him from dreaming big.

At the age of seventeen, he was adept at crafting elvish weapons and selling them on the local market. It was during that same summer that he reunited with Ashlyn, the girl who had rescued him from his life with Baldemar. After spending a lot of time together, they eventually developed mutual feelings for each other. But when Ashlyn was called to serve at the king’s side, it caused Damien to uproot his comfortable situation in Gumber. He reasoned that since Ashlyn would be working in Tauros for the rest of her life, he would need a profession as a fighter in order to find work there himself. After a year’s worth of training, Damien transitioned from crafting swords to wielding them. By the age of twenty-two, he had earned his place at the Fighter’s Academy and graduated with his agent’s certification.

After that, he spent a great deal of time building up his reputation as a fighter. The Contest of Kings was the most direct way for him to buff up his rep, so he toured Lorianthil, participating in one competition after the other. Eventually, his endeavors brought him straight to Tauros where he reunited with Ashlyn for a second time.

With a little help from her, Damien was finally recruited to a team of agents, though it took him farther away from Tauros than either he or Ashlyn would have liked. He spent four years on mission, traveling back to the capital whenever he could manage it. Finally, when Ashlyn had grown tired of him slipping in and out all the time, she used her political connections to win him a position in Tauros as a captain. Damien has been staying there ever since, close enough to the love of his life.


Another important piece to our story is Amilié. She comes from humble beginnings, born into exile because of her mother’s wrongdoing. Amilié is a dark elf. Like Damien, she has power in her blood, though she has no idea of it.

When her mother remarried, Amilié found herself in a new and comfortable life. She had a family that loved her and a stomach that was always full. It wasn’t until her mother had another baby that they moved to a town called Cumbrier. Though Cumbrier wasn’t the most rosy of places, it offered more shelter and stability in the winter months.

It was while Amilié was living in Cumbrier that she happened upon Sweryn for the first time. It was surprising how quick she grew to like him. Against her family’s wishes, she kept spending more and more time with him. Eventually, Sweryn was able to get under her skin. She kept finding reasons to run off with him for days at a time, to escape her life in Cumbrier for just a while.

A few months later, Amilié’s mother grew sick. After learning about it, she stayed home to be at her mother’s side. She was merely sixteen when her mother had finally passed away. Broken and disheartened, Amilié was susceptible to Sweryn’s offer to have her come live with him in Eolnir. She accepted his offer, leaving her family behind.

Under Sweryn’s guidance, she honed in on her fighting skills to become a ruthless weapon. By the age of twenty-five, Amilié was part of a movement to keep Eolnir from falling into chaos. Little did she know that her step-brother, Cador, would rise to become a counter-measure of that movement. She found herself on opposing sides with Cador, and she also found that he was still bitter about her leaving.

Our story begins while Amilié is still at war with herself. On one hand, she has a duty to Sweryn and to Eolnir. On the other, she wants to keep her family safe. Decisions, decisions…


As a Sorceress, Ashlyn exhibits all that is pure and good. Though she is not mortal, she takes the form of one. Her human likeness allows for the mortals of Lorianthil to accept her. She was born with immeasurable power, but that does not mean her childhood was easy.

Because she had no mortal parents of her own, Ashlyn was raised by a Lor elf named Calda. By the age of six, Ashlyn was sent off to the Mage’s Academy for her training. There, she was shaped into a battlemage and a scholar. She was able to come back to her home in Gumber once every few summers, but in many ways she was raised by the Mage Class at the academy.

By the age of sixteen, she had graduated from the academy and was sent back home to await her next task. During that interim, she fell for a young man who took a liking to her– for whatever reason. In her eyes, Damien was still that boy she had first encountered in the wilderness. Though, as the summer went on, she began to see him in a new light. Their first kiss had her questioning everything: her purpose in life, her destiny as a Sorceress. Just as she was beginning to figure it out, the King had summoned her to Tauros. She wished that she and Damien would have had more time.

In Tauros, Ashlyn learned to be an elegant diplomat. She was cushioned in a life of luxury, and in time she gained the people’s love. But she quickly found that all their love and support was hardly enough. She wanted Damien by her side, and she fought restlessly to bring him there.

Even now, as she awaits her rule as Queen, she pictures a life with Damien beside her. A life that they can call their own.