Worldbuilding – Part I

My blog is called Tales from Lorianthil, right? So, what exactly IS Lorianthil? In short, it’s a place that I made up. It is a world that I used to spend much time in as a child, running around with a bamboo stick in hand. I guess you could say the magic-filled games I played back then all served as fodder for the world that I built. For me, it was my escape.

I began writing this world out on the page nearly twelve years ago. I’ve gotten to know its places and characters, both humans and elves alike.

Lorianthil is located on a fictional plane called Ishtara (for no particular reason). It is home to a vast majority of human and elf races. There are other races, too, but not quite as numerous.

On Magic

Many elves and humans are born with a magical gift. Some are powerful enough to manipulate elements and cast damaging orbs of energy, while others are simply lucky to mend a small wound. This is what separates the beings of Lorianthil into two main sects: the Mage Class, and the non-mage class. Basically, if a person’s abilities allow them to be a part of the Mage Class, then they are admitted to the prestigious Mages Academy to earn the official ranking and title of Mage. Those who are not are more likely to dabble in the arcane arts or choose a different career altogether.

In Lorianthil, magic runs abound.

On Humans

The earliest humans who came about in Lorianthil are known as the Uthunil. They have had several hundred years to develop their way of life. Originally nomadic in culture, the Uthunil eventually settled into their homeland of Githal which would rise to become a wide-spread kingdom inhabited by many clans. By the beginning of the fourth century, Githal was destroyed by the dark elves and the Uthunil were forced to relocate. They have spent the past twenty years rebuilding their civilization within the eastern mountains.

Aside from the Uthunil, the modern humans of Lorianthil have been centralizing and developing as a race since the third century. They have erected three cities to date, all under the same crown. Their first King was Daniel who ruled for sixty years alongside his Sorceress, Ithilié. When their reign was over, King Arran was named heir and inherited the throne. He still rules to this day alongside his Sorceress, Ashlyn.

On Elves

The first primitive elves were known as the Ferion. They originated in the vast southern wood of Gumber and made the first elven settlements there. They worshipped a divine being known as the Sepheras, whose power governed them. They claimed that the Sepheras was responsible for creating Lorianthil and the elves. The age of the Ferion took up much of pre-recorded history, but we know that their descendants are responsible for implementing the calendar of the Ishtaran timeline.

When the first Sorceress came into existence, the Ferion fell subject to her as their queen. Her reign was known as the Age of Silmé. However, because the Ferion were not a heavily fertile race, their numbers depleted within two centuries and the Age of Silmé reached its end. The primitive elves adapted and evolved, spawning a race known as the Lor elves.

During the Age of Agronan, the Lor elves grew out of a more patriarchal society and centralized toward the northern parts of Gumber. They recognized the Sorceress, Agronan, as their queen but she left Gumber to rule alongside Seiren in the east. Because of this, the elves looked to their patriarch, Lor, for leadership and resources. During the Age of Ithilié, the Lor elves developed a more modern society alongside the humans. By the third century, they had reformed their government into a Tribunal and allied themselves with the King of Lorianthil. To this day, the Lor elves share in human resources and live close to the human capital.

On the Dark Elves

When Agronan went to live in the eastern parts of Lorianthil, she was wed to a powerful and respectable elf named Seiren. He quickly rose to have political sway and influence over the outlying elves because of his arcane and alchemical knowledge. He took Agronan as a wife because she was looked upon as the rightful queen of Lorianthil. Their union was meant to seal the elves’ power and lay the foundation for their dominant empire. But they fell into conflict with the Uthunil clans who did not want to fall subject to them. The Uthunil posed a serious problem to Seiren, so he devised a way to defeat them. By experimenting with his own blood, he found that an elf could be imbued with supernatural power. He practiced his experiments on many of his elven brethren, and they eventually managed to defeat the Uthunil clans.

However, Seiren’s experiments had far-reaching consequences. Over the next two centuries, the elves evolved into monstrous beings that we now know as the dark elves. Their quarrels with the Uthunil did not ebb until the dark elf, Baldemar, rose to power.

On the Mountain Elves

Though there are several other sub-groups of elves that live in Lorianthil, one worth noting are the mountain elves. They are indigenous to the rocky highlands of the eastern mountains. They are well-used to thin air and cold climates. They tend to be adept hunters and gatherers throughout the territory.

In the early third century, the mountain elves clashed against the humans in a war for the mountain territory. After nearly six years of conflict, the mountain elves finally ran out of soldiers and resources to defend their lands. The humans were able to push them out and build their own city there. Slowly, a majority of the mountain elves withdrew to the coastal isle of Aurus. Still, there are a handful of mountain elves who drift along the highlands, too small for Lorianthil to consider a high threat.

On the Sorceresses

There is the Mage Class…and then there is a pristine being commonly known as a Sorceress. In truth, the Sorceresses are set far above your average mage in power and capability. They are the children of the Sepheras, the direct descendants of its being. The very first Sorceress, Silmé, was an answer to the Ferion people. She was both a gift and, in lots of ways, a curse. She ruled the Ferion with a tight grip. She was not cruel to them, but she was also far from being humanized. When her time as ruler ended, her body faded and her soul returned to rejoin with her creator. Then there came the age of Agronan.

We already know a little about Agronan, though, unlike Silmé, she was not recognized as queen until she had married Seiren. Agronan suffers from her story mostly being passed down by the dark elf historians. Her marriage was not a happy one. In fact, she ended up destroying herself so that she could banish her cruel husband into oblivion and rid the world of his dark magic. Though her actions were heroic, her story quickly passed out of all care and thought. Historians could hardly agree on what events lead to her untimely death.

When the cycle of Sorceresses renewed, Ithilié came into being. In her prime, she was kind and caring toward both the elves and the humans. She took up residence in Tauros, the human capital, where King Daniel reigned. Because her predecessor had passed so tragically, Ithilié pushed for a more united front with the dark elves. It was during her time as Queen that the dark elves began scheming and struggling for their place in the world. They fought a seemingly endless war against their Uthunil counterparts. Ithilié was quite possibly the only reason why the dark elves did not take their wars elsewhere. She protected Lorianthil from them and kept a watchful eye on the territory. In spite of her and King Daniel’s best intentions, the dark elves never made ties with the humans of Tauros. This caused a noticeable separation between the two races. Eventually, the dark elf territory was claimed by Baldemar and his lands came to be known as the scorched lands– mostly because the once fertile ground was left barren and devastated from war.

When Ithilié passed, a new Sorceress was born. She went by the name of Ashlyn. The new King Arran, knowing that Ashlyn would eventually rise to be a ruler, called her to his side by the time she was sixteen. She has been serving as High Mage in Tauros ever since. Though we still have yet to see what will come about from her rule, we can already measure a great deal of accomplishment from her. Even in her youth, she was adept at magic and wise beyond her years. She actively keeps Lorianthil safe from Baldemar and his dark elf followers.